Medical Device Essentials

Micro Soldering Training - Every day, the medical device industry demands high quality soldering work from their production and R&D teams. The art of micro soldering is essential, from concept, to the manufacturing process of your product. With our hands-on soldering course, we’ll provide you the fundamental skills you’ll need to take your ideas from paper to the production line. From timed exercises, to solder control, to learning how to solder un-like metals (ie. SS to Nitinol), we will give you the proper baseline to build upon and enhance your soldering techniques.

Microscope Training - The most important and universal tool used when precision of medical device manufacturing is needed. We will show you how to properly set up and use this integral tool. Learning how to set up a microscope specifically to you, will strongly aid how you measure and hold tolerances.

Tolerance Training - With the development of any product, tolerancing is key to the quality and the proper functionality of your product. Our course will provide you, understanding of the basic concept of tolerances and how they are used. You will learn how to hold those tolerances by giving you a baseline and the hands-on training of the tools used to measure them.

Tool Maintenance - Proper tool maintenance, equals, cost savings. Learning how to maintain your tools will not only save you money, it also increases the quality of your product.


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