3-Day Medical Device Essentials Course

Our 3-Day Medical Device Essentials certification course is designed for those who are just entering the medical device field with little or no prior experience. This includes:

Micro-Soldering Training - Every day, the medical device industry demands high quality solder work from their production and R&D teams. The art of micro-soldering is essential, from concept, to the manufacturing process of your product. With our hands-on soldering course, we’ll provide your candidates the fundamental skills they'll need to take your ideas from paper to the production line by showing them how to solder, SS/PT/NiTi coil and wires.

Microscope Training - The most important and universal tool used when precision of medical device manufacturing is needed. We will show your candidates how to properly set up and use this integral tool.

Small Parts Training - The proper handling of small parts is crucial to a successful build. Knowing the technique and how to manipulate parts not only saves time and money to the company, but also provides confidence to the assembler/technicians throughout the builds. This is a big step that not only helps with starting a build, but helps them continue to improve upon their hand skills.

Tolerance Training - With the development of any product, tolerancing is key to the quality and the proper functionality of your product. Our course will provide your candidates the understanding of the basic concept of tolerances down to .001" and how they are used.

Tool Maintenance - Proper tool maintenance of tweezers, wire cutters and solder tips, equals cost savings. Learning how to maintain your tools will not only save you money, but also increases the quality of your product.

Quality System - A Quality System is not only an important part of manufacturing, it's essential. Having a good understanding of how it works, will make your candidates more proficient on the production floor. We will introduce them to, manufacturing procedures, work orders, part, sub-assembly, and final assembly drawings.

Custom Course

This course gives you the option to design a training program, specific to your needs. If you have a process that you would like your employees trained to, we train them and get them efficient with your process prior to them starting your build.

Process Development

This is a great option for start-ups or engineering teams that are in the middle of developing a product that includes soldering and might need additional help with developing a process and getting their first samples in. Let our expertise in micro-soldering assist you through the development of your product.